Friday, September 18, 2009

Legacy of Grandma Vi

Memoir Short of an amazing Creative Grandma.....

This is MY Grandma Viola or better known, "Gammy Vi". She was my crochet Extraordinaire. She passed away on October 15th, 2008. She was everything that anyone could of prayed for in a grandma! She love anyone and everyone, no matter how bad the person was. Cause she would go down to the local jail, bar or ditch and pull them out and tell them whats what and the Good Lord has a better plan for then! Her favorite gift in life was two things....1. Giving to people no matter what need they had 2. Cleaning anything and everything in site! You had to watch out cause if you were in her dusting space, yep you guessed it, she would dust you too! She could crochet almost anything under the sun in any shade of color. Also she was a seamstress and Raggedy Ann Doll maker. Before her passing in Fall of 2008 she make a total of 2,500 Raggedy Ann and Andy's!!! They were just amazing! And so was she! Before she passed she got to see a slight tid bit of my crochet talent, finally starting to form. She also was able to see 5 victorian dresses that I made for my daughter without patterns. I could see the joy in her eyes when I showed her the items and thats when I knew they would be a permenant craft in my artistic life. But I did not know that soon she would suffer a heart attack and have faulty surgery and pass away in the hospital where I was born at soon after. I mean she just got over beating Colon cancer and showing all the doctor's up! That is when I found and knew I had to put all those years of Gammy's teaching to good use! She would be so proud! My Aunt Diane's response once she saw my new online store was "You very well know that Grandma would be there at your house in a second watching your daughter, packaging the crochet items to be sent and giving you an everlasting supply of yarn and crochet hooks and embelishments"! She's right! But Gammy is in Heaven enjoying a pain free life! I miss my Gammy and the country farm life that she provided for all of us cousin's! But all her knowledge will life on forever in my crochet and life as a wife, mom, daughter sister and niece! Love you Grandma Vi Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄

P.S.-The last of Grandma Vi's Raggedy Ann's and crochet items can be seen on the below site.


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