Thursday, November 17, 2011

Christmas Bazaar 11/12/11

The Bazaar was fabulous!!! I had a lot of fun meeting many new people! Also it created many new customers!!! The "Keepsake Baby Slippers" went over great!!! Had many colors available and many Christmas colors also. I had a lot of positive responses from men of all ages this year! It was great to hear their comments and see their reactions. They seemed to be amazed at my "newborn" sized "Keepsake Baby Slippers". One guy even thought they were little chocolates! I thanked him for thinking that I was that good of an artist! :) Also the guys really liked my "rainbow spiral hat" also! I premiered my "Candied Rose Collection". Made up of Procision MX Reaction hand dyed fabric. I order the fabric wholesale by a fantastic lady that hand dyes the "Kona Cotton" fabric for me. Most of my Rolled Fabric Flowers/Roses will be made from this. But I still offer the Vintage line. Also if there is any fabric or clothing from a "very special occasion" in your life. Please let me know, send me the fabric and I will make up the flowers out of the fabric into whatever piece you would like. Bib necklace, brooch, hair clip facinator, headband or barrette. Many thanks to all those who came out and stopped by my booth. :)


Saturday, November 5, 2011

1 week until the Christmas Bazaar!!!

The countdown begins!!! All items from my shop will be taken to the Bazaar, plus many new colorful suprizes! I will be premiring the new items on my shop after November 12th. So all will be available to the world after my favorite locals get first pick. Remember one of the benefits of meeting up at Bazaar's, is there are no shipping charges!!!! :) I am very excited and cant wait to see how happy I can make everyone!!! :) Dont forget, any item that I have ever made in my shop, can be re-created as a custom order!!! :) Happy November to everyone! Website: